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Abiana H. - give time to your heart!

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the coffee, black and bitter,
stopped all that nonsense.
she was still waiting there,
sitting in the little chair
beside the door,
ten minutes later.

she did not feel quite so bad
as she had felt a minute ago,
but she felt bad enough.
she tried to give
all her attention
to immediate problem which was
serious enough for her.

her mind wandered darkly.
she had a sober air
of mystery now.

there was just light enough,
and time enough for her
to notice that she had fallen
in love with him
and she began to suspect
more than that…

there was just time enough
for another deep thought
and then it was ten o’clock
in the morning.
her mind was silent for a moment.

and her eyes stared
tragically out of reason.

love. just love now.

(5. ianuarie. 2011)

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