Borie Marian Mehr - Between

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Between me, you ş.a.m.d

I you, you me

and the world have escaped,

We live in light,

we are shadows, free bleak ice

is clear in cold,

e-n deep fire, life

beings who are perishing.

Walls sad - just past,

Unlimited - future

Forget what the clay,

Happy immortal.

You believe me / But what is faith?

Only an amount of views,

Thought, time, victory,

Like Dante, I can hope.


Pyramid of thousands of years old,

I do not dream palaces, glory and money,

Babylon, Nineveh went in the ground,

Drain after going through my mind,

Nile and Tigris and Euphrates,

I have not seen where I Urartu?


Yeasty waves, generation flat

Walls in ruin anything for money.

Where are you, Winterhalter?

Where are you Schwarzenfals?

Great Southern's hot

Underground dance waltz,

You dance, left foot

It all goes down.


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