Levi - A tribute to Cattle Decapitation

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The human body, in its systematic nature,

has 3 primary objectives:

1. Procreate

2. Food Intake

3. The elimination of waste

This is the human equation

One half is feces, the other mammal

The human as shit.

This is what you've become

The end result of human stupidity

Another mesh of flesh with no dignity

A solid waste with dull neuronal activity

2000 years from now

they'll discover our copralite

learn of disease and parasite

enough to know what made us tick

enough to make them sick



the study of man

Micturate - here's to your health

Defecate - upon the self

Felch - the goddamn sphinct and

Gurgle - it's disgusting contents

Playing king of the hill

On a mountain of manure

On a planet called earth

Mirroring what we're worth

We are nothing but a failure

Evolution took a shit

In my heart, through these eyes

Humankind in its own shit resides.

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