Catalin Josan - Nothing more to say

I. It`s a one way street
No space for turning back
Girl your lie it is not easy to forget
`Cause I gave you all of me
All my love entirely
You broke my heart don`t say that you`re sorry
Anteref : You`ll be fine by tomorrow
In the morning my love will be history
Only a memory
Girl you know I have to go
Ref : Baby look at me now, as I`m looking at you
There is nothing in the world that we can do
Oh..this is true
Baby this is the time, to be saying goodbye
`Cause we`re fighting for to long
And baby this is wrong
There`s nothing more to say when love is gone
II. And I know the time
Would said it out for you
And the sun will shine again opon your street
Don`t be crying anymore
Wipe your tears from out of floor
`Cause you don`t need baby you don`t
Anteref :
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Catalin Josan - Nothing More T...
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