Christina Aguilera - Come on over, baby (all i want is you)

Come On Over, Come On Over Baby -- 4x

Hey boy, don'cha know I got something going on
I got an invitation, don't you keep me waiting all night long
I know, you know, so baby don't pretend you won't
Keep me guessing with you, you will or you won't
Don't wanna play the game with you baby, listen to me

All I want is you, come over here baby
All I want is you, you know you make me go crazy
All I want is you, now baby don't be shy, you better cross the line
I'm gonna love you right cause all I want is you

Come on over, come on over baby -- 2x

I'm not just talking about your sexuality
But I can't help myself when you put your hands on me
It's paradise when you and I get close skin tight
When I wanna wanna go on all night
I wanna play the game with you baby, listen to me


Don't ya wanna be the one tonight
We can do exactly what'cha like
Don't you wanna be just you and me
We can do what comes so naturally
I got a thing for you, got my mind made up
And I'm serious, never been more baby, don't show it but it's real
And it's right here

You give me what a girl feels
What a girl likes
What a girl needs
What a girl wants

(Chorus tïl end)

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