Corina - Tears

You say you will never leave
But you were never mine
How can I be proud to be
The one who loved a lie
Baby I know you ?? my tears
But they're waste of time
Nobody needs to cry
And still I love you endlessly
I'm empty and I'm alive.

If you have tried and listened
Would I be here alone ?
It's hard to leave
But my tears won't let this go
You've taken me for granted
I was never yours to own
I've made up my mind
But my tears won't let this go
My tears won't let this go

Why was I the last to know
What you were looking for
You can never find in me ?
You held me waiting paciently
That was clear to me, the same reality
I told you once, and then I told you twice
Be careful what you do 'cause you will pay the price
You should have come correct and show me some respect
Get you hands off me, ?? ?? call me no more.


Don't tell me that you're still in love
Cause I do, do see, you'll leave if you are man enough
And what hurts the most when we're getting close
I still feel the same as of your ?? ??
But when I stop to think ?? ??
You ??, you're making me sick !


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Corina - Tears
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