Desperado - Where were you

I was so tired
Was evening in my town
The middle of the rush hour
I was feeling down

I fell asleep
And then I heard a voice
I saw her stand there
Well, I guess we had no choice

She said, 'Sorry sir, but you have to move your car!'
I was shocked and my thinking was,
I wanna know who you are!

Where were you
When I dreamed about you
Where were you
When my search was on
Where were you the time
When I wanted to change
My entire life
Where were you, I want you to be mine...

Then in a hurry
She took me by surprise
A gentle kiss and I could see
Love in her eyes

I am yours now
Please take me home with you
My feelings never lie
That's what I wanna do

And the people looked at us like we were from the Moon
Cause I know they think that fools
Give their hearts too soon


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