DJ Project - Before I sleep

Got that feeling again
`Cause you still haven`t call since god knows when
All allone in the dark
I need you by my side when I wake up

What I want you to wait..
Maybe later i might
Find you inside my dreams tonight

Can`t stay here anymore
Nothing is the same since you walked out the door
Sometimes I feel strong
I forget that you`re really gone
I imagine we meet
Tears are falling and i can`t speak
Say you`re back yo stay
`Cause when you`re here everything`s ok....

Refren : Before I sleep i say your prair
Take me back to the love we`ve shared
Let me find ..that love divine
When we were together...(x2)

and you were still mine....

I just can`t go on
All I want to have there`s no more
tears fall like rain
but they just don`t put out the flames
everything i do
always seems to remind me of you
please come back to stay
`cause you make everything ok....

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DJ Project - Before I Sleep
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