E-Type - Angels Crying

I've got all systems go nothing standing in my way
I should be far down the road but I'm not
Something's holding me back like a wild boar attack
and I've got you by my side but you're not

Do you remember when we thought there was no end
a shooting star around the sky
Do you remember when you were from heaven sent
how far the wind could make me fly

Angel's crying, when you're far away from me
Always trying, I will make you see
Angel's crying, when you're far away from me
No denying, we were ment to be

I tumbled from the sky where I was soaring so high
never thought that I could fall back to the ground
Somewhere along the ride I found that we can't stop the tide
it's time for me to buy another round

Do you remember...

Angel's crying...

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E-Type - Angels Crying
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