Enrique Iglesias - Away

Away away, oh yea away away
this feels like the coldest day in a hurricane
looking through a glass window
and ya screaming to the top of yours lungs,
and the bells done rung and the crowd can’t hear you
and all that I can see is a building burning
I just gotta rescue my baby
but you don’t even recognize me
and even though the feeling’s been gone
I just wanna be here to pick up
the little pieces of remains

I’m going down the plane is smoking
and the only one who can save me is
you but you wanna throw me

Away, away, away, away,
oh why I wanna know
I wanna know why you wanna throw me
Away, away, away, away,
oh why
I gotta know why you wanna throw me away

You used to ask why I was I so skeptic of love
girl cuz it changes,
and it ain’t got to be no real reason

You start to live the dream and before
you know there’s a door that open,
and the moment you walk in it close

maybe it’s somebody else or a situation that you can’t help

Oh love, oh love, oh love,
oh love just ain’t what it used to be
I confronted my fears with open arms
although you said you will never give up on us
but now you blow me away

Perfect we said we’d never be so why
is this happenïng to me no way no way no way

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