Enya - Deireadh an Tuath

Deireadh an Tuath
(With Translation)
S? an Ghealach, It is the Moon
Mall san oiche, Slow in the night
S? an Ghrian It is the Sun
F?n liom go Deo. Stay with me for ever
Hoireann is O Hi O Ho ra Ha.
S? na Samhna It is November (1)
T?s na Bliain Ur, The beginning of the New Year
S? an Chrann Marbh It's the dead tree
Deireadh an Tua. The end of the rainbow.
Hoireann is O Ho O Ho ro Ho.
Haireann is O Ho O Ho ro Ho.
Samhna is a version of Samhan which is the name given to the first day of November. This day was a very large feast in pagan, esp. Celtic, tradition. Indeed, the Irish word for November is Samhain. It was one of the most important festivals of the year. Oiche Samhna is the Irish for Halloween. (Aidan Hollïnshead)

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