Eric Clapton - Wonderful tonight

It`s late in the evening
she`s wondering what clothes to wear
she puts on her makeup
and brushes her long blond hair.
And than she asks me: "Do I look alright?" and I said:
"Yes, you look wonderful tonight!"

We go to a party
and everyone turns to see
this beautiful lady,
whoes walking arround with me.
And than she asks me: "Do you feel alright?" and I said:
"Yes, I feel wonderful tonight ...
...I feel wonderful because I see the lovelights in your eyes, and I wonder,
after all, that you just don?t realized, how much I love you!"

It`s time to go home now
and I`ve got an aching head.
So I give her the carkeys
and she helps me in the bed.
And than I tell her,
as I turn off the light, I said:
"My darlin? you were wonderful tonight!"

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Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonig...
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