Hilary Duff - Now you know (a Cinderella story)

In these eyes
More than words, more than
Anything that I, ve spoken
When the skies
Turn to gray, my heart's
Just about to crack open

So the stories go
There's something you shoud now
Before I walk away and I blw the ending

I never wanna be without you
Oh no, here I go, now you know
What I feel about you
There's no endin'
Musti've been wrong to doupt you
Oh no, there I go, no control
But I'm fallin' so, now you know

Feel so light
Cravin oxygen
All these truse leaves me empty
Will you run
Can you handle it
Couse I need you to tell me

Maybe this is bold
But I'm hopin you'll stay for the happy ending

No I won't look back when I'm telling what I thik about you(yeah, yeah.yeah)
No I won't look back when I'm telling what I think about you(yeah, yeah)

So stories go, yeah
You already know
So don't be a fool and go spoil the endïn'

Chorus 2X

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