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HIM - Again
HIM - And love said "no"
HIM - Beautiful
HIM - Beautiful(romana)
HIM - Behind the crimson door
HIM - Beyond redemption
HIM - Bittersweet(feat Apocalyptica Lauri)
HIM - Bleed well
HIM - Borellus
HIM - Buried alive by love
HIM - Bury me deep inside your heart
HIM - Circle of fear
HIM - Close to the flame
HIM - Close to the flame (romana)
HIM - Cyanide sun
HIM - Dark Light
HIM - Dark Secret Love
HIM - Dead lover's lane
HIM - Death is in love with us
HIM - Don't close your heart
HIM - Don't fear the Reaper
HIM - Drunk on shadows
HIM - Endless dark
HIM - Enjoy the silence
HIM - Fade into you
HIM - For you
HIM - Fortress of tears
HIM - Funeral of hearts
HIM - Gone with the sin
HIM - Gone with the sin (romana)
HIM - Heartache every moment
HIM - I love you
HIM - I love you(prelude to tragedy)
HIM - I've crossed oceans of vine to find you
HIM - In joi and sorrow
HIM - In love and lonely
HIM - In the nightside of eden
HIM - It's all tears (drown in this love)
HIM - It's all tears (drown in this love) - romana
HIM - Join me in death
HIM - Jykeva on rakkaus
HIM - Killing loneliness
HIM - Kiss of dawn
HIM - Lonely road
HIM - Lose you tonight
HIM - Love in cold blood
HIM - Love you like I do
HIM - Love's requiem
HIM - One last time
HIM - Our diabolical rapture
HIM - Paratiisi
HIM - Play dead
HIM - Please don't let it go
HIM - Poison girl
HIM - Poison heart
HIM - Pretending
HIM - Pretending(romana)
HIM - Razorblade kiss
HIM - Rebel yell
HIM - Resurrection
HIM - Right here in my arms
HIM - Rip out the wings of a butterfly
HIM - Salt in our wounds
HIM - Serpent ride
HIM - Sigillium diaboli
HIM - Sleepwalking past hope
HIM - Solitary man
HIM - Soul on fire
HIM - Sweet pandemonium
HIM - The 9th circle (ost)
HIM - The Cage
HIM - The beginning of the end
HIM - The face of
HIM - The funeral of hearts
HIM - The heartless
HIM - The reaper(don't fear)
HIM - The sacrement
HIM - This fortress of tears
HIM - Till death do us part
HIM - Too happy to be alive
HIM - Valo yossa
HIM - Vampire heart
HIM - Venus doom
HIM - Venus(in our blood)
HIM - When love and death embrace
HIM - When love and death embrace (romana)
HIM - Wicked game
HIM - Wicked game(romana)
HIM - Wings of a butterfly
HIM - You are the one
HIM - Your sweet 666

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