Ja Rule - E-dub & ja

[Ja Rule]
Uh, yeah
It's Ja Rule baby
It's E-Dub
Def Squad
Y'all motherfuckers think it's a game right?
Get da name right
R-U-L-E baby
My shit is airtight
Compressed, dead all da non-sense
Pass da 4-5th and load up the cartridge
E Reved up da 6
We about to blow out like bitchez wit bad kidz
Once u feelin da slugz hit
Datz as real as it gets
Then you wonda
Why da quake can come from unda-neath, while you figure it out
You on da streetz
Laid out wit da gun still stuck in yo mouth
Fuckin wit Ja is suttin Niggaz fearfully doubt
Cuz I don't give a fuck
I don't give a fuck, god may I ask from yo prayer so my soul don't die
These is real tears I cried
And dreamz don't lie
When they tell me dat I'm doin good in da devilz eyez
But I preach to Im
Be dat same, Nigga put da heat to Im
Askïn E Dub what da fuck you wan do to Im

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