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Ja Rule - Pop niggas

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[Ja Rule]
How many niggas hit the scene like Rule
Benley GT, pushin through bock flooded, with jewels
H-2 with the hungerous Rule beside me
Armed up the army, don't play that with nobody
Rule, Murder & Gotti
We hittin bitches like Lowe's be hittin switches, 16 at a time
Times that behind with me down we lose and find
X style the night that they mind we ? the times
With renegades prowling this bitch with braids
Leather gloves with dark shades and sowed off day
Reminiscing the Cleo, she go to living life flawless
Who the boss, you know this
Who the God, who fawlging
Hit me im giving niggas 1 to 3
Y'all need 1 to 3 hours to accomplish what we have built here
You nigga know this is Rule here
I'm cocking back, I got an ïdea

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