Jamiroquai - Head Over Heels

In the morning
When I wake up
I shed a tear
I'm hoping, come the nightime, you'll open
The door and re-apper
I can promise to share,
All my dreams I will dare
You set my heart racing when you get next to me
Still I don't think you care
Should I wait for your love
Or am I waiting in vain
Somebody help me cause I'm falling head over
Heals in love again
g klfl?lep, j
You you your the one
For your love I think I will do anything
Yeah you yeah yeah you you
Your the one
For your love I think that I will do anything

I miss you
I wanna kiss you
The sweet scent of roses
Is in your hair
See sometimes
When I get lonley
I still feel you beside me
When your not there
I can promise to share all my dreams I will dare
{repeat rest of chorus}

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