Rod Stewart - Hang on St. Christopher

(Tom Waits)
Hang on St. Christopher
Through the smoke and the oil
Pumpin' iron around the scene
Let the radiator boil
Got no back down shift
And a two dollar grill
Got an '85 cab

(1) Hang on St. Christopher
On the passenger side
Open it up tonight
So the devil can ride

Hang on St. Christopher
With a ballast door
Kick me up ...
Throw me out in the fog
Tell ... Jack ...
Drive a stake through his heart
Do a hundred on the grapevine
Do a jump on the start

Hang on St. Christopher
Now don't let me go
Get me to Reno
And bring it in low, low

Hang On St. Christopher
With the hammer to the floor
Put a highball in the crankcase
Nail a crow to the door
Give me a bottle for the jockey
Give me a two ...
There's a certain ...
Bustïn' down Johnny's door

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