Sean Paul - Bounce it

Right there, right there, right there, right there, oomon
Right there, bounce it there, right there, right there,
Keep it there, dont have nuh fear, bounce it there, yo, den gyal
Weh mi talk dont gi mi nuh stare girl hear mi clear, bounce it right there
Cau yuh know yuh extraordinaire mi haffi draw yuh near, bounce it right there
Dont tell mi dat yuh man is here, I dont care, bounce it right there
Shape rich like millionaire mi waan yuh bank it here, bounce it right there
(Verse 1)
Weh yuh waan can an do dat deh
Man a rise up di torch weh yuh do dat deh
Gyal, likkle yuh cause a could dat deh
Grandfather a look an I seh cool bod heh
Weh mi shooby get gal haffi shoo body
Weh mi love yuh profile an weh yuh got deh
Yuh hot deh dem di ting dat will not stop seh
Dont drop off a di top deh, oomon yo
Yuh jigglin it an I got to get up in it
Dont tell mi dat yuh caan girl tell mi dat yuh wid it an
When I hit it cau yuh know mi nah quit it
Sean A Paul a go put yuh pon a different limit
When yuh swing it gyal yuh know how fi swing it
Gyal weh mi fling it if yuh know how fi fling it
Back it up back it up gyal a come bring it
Mek di Dutty yute get fi sting it
(Verse 2)
Weh mi tell yuh gyal press it deh
Roll tit all di hip a dem breast it deh, gyal
Mi a tll yuh dont sress it deh
Cau all weh wi gwaan yuh a blessed deh
Every day yuh look betta den yesterday
Smooth skin, bumpa di best a deh
An yuh know seh a nuff interest today
Mi have yuh unda house arrest today, gyal
When I man dem all a get up bendin in dem
All a get dem haffi know wi nuh time fi feed skinny men
Yo grinnin in di pum pum drillin in between di linen, gyal dem willin
If yuh know seh Sean A Paul skillin
Hardcore sexy know wi gyal trillin
If yuh light bulb coulda light black shilly
Wi a get top billin, girl
(Verse 1)
(Verse 2)

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