Snoop Dogg - Trust me

[Suga Free]
No, uh-uh excuse me wait baby treat yo' cash
And remind me when we get home to get goin
and crack my whip and pack yo' shit
befo' I 92.3 The Beat yo' ass!
Naw bitch look at me when I talk to you
I checked the bitch and said, "Ah-hah some shit?
No ub-uh, shut up, you gon' do what I tell you to do!"
Now name three motherfuckers you can call.. you cain't
One pimpin that, two pimpin that, three pimpin that
That bitch got off! (Say what my nigga Suga Free, what you say?)
Snoop say what? (Huh?) I said
I'm pimpin that, you pimpin that, she pimpin that
That bitch does all!
Naw, pimpin ain't easy (pimpin ain't easy)
But hoein ain't hard no (hoein ain't hard no)
Baby you gon' have to hoe (hoe hoe hoe)
Or lady I'ma have to go (see ya, see ya!)
Suga Free, bitch that don't stand for some old nice ass nigga
tryin to get some pussy and you tryin to get some of this dick free
I'm live ta be a old-ass pimp with cataracts
Reminscin on regular park trees with the homies
and slappin bitches in Cadillacs

I wish you wouldn't trust me so much
I wish you wouldn't trust me so much!
I wish you wouldn't trust me so much
I wïsh you wouldn't trust me so much! Heyyy

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