Stereophonics - Same size feet

A weeks too long, not to ring
Re-colours her hair, and waits for him
Not cat against dog, just head over heels
Sex twice a day, best time in years
Oh no, why hasn't he phoned?
She has to wait until he's on his own
Lying and Denying so nobody knows
I'll tell her this week is what he tells other people all alone
I buy one a day

Sex drives on a house cheating wife's spouse
Cream cakes, coffee days, throwing gifts, goodbye
Pass the way for the day had a change of car
Sex change, to mundane for the average man
Oh no she just can't say
Where he is and where he's been
Look pretty straight
And she's always been
Oh no, she sent for, we're all missing her again
She cut me, she cut me, she cut me wrong
She cut me, she cut me, she cut me wrong
She cut me, she cut me, she cut me wrong
It looks like, It looks like, It looks like the worlds gone wrong

They find a body in the lake
maybe it wasn't really his name
Same colour, same weight, same sized feet
Experts not knowing what kills you
Oh no the clocks stops slow, every time you're on your own
The hop from the spots
And Nobody knows
Search through the pictures on the rainy days look for a clue
Still lookïng for you

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